Based on actual events in 1690, Salem was a whirlwind of history colored by fear and dark, magical imagery.

On a very fast, 7 day schedule we built 4-5 new sets each episode. These included: a ship’s Cargo Hold, a Captain’s Cabin, a 2 story high Brothel interior, an exploding Attic space, an Indian Village, the inside of an Indian Wigwam, a large Forest on stage, a Slave Ship interior and a creepy Graveyard filled with dead rotting bodies and a ship’s dock. Every episode had something outrageous – a practical dunking chair, burning at the stake, hangings, or a crucifix-like rig to restrain our character while she spit bloody nails on her victim. This show was filled with practical gags and was a wonder of coordination between all departments. It was a lot of fun!

Set Facts

  • The exterior set sits on more than 28 acres
  • More than 25 distinct buildings were built specifically for the exterior set of “Salem.”
  • Over a two-month span, more than 125 carpenters worked daily to construct the set.
  • Specialty hardware was imported from Europe to help create an authentic atmosphere.