The Gifted was a fast paced, ambitious show full of new sets and locations for every episode. Though this was Season 2, nothing remained or was re-used from S1. The story is set in current day, however many of the environments had a futuristic feel to them, notably those of the Inner Circle, a key group of mutants that used their powers to gain money and resources. For the IC, we created a large modern A-Framed Penthouse (with a sunken seating area), a basement Training Area and various other spaces all with a modern edge. Another group, the Mutant Underground, was trying live in plain sight and simply needed more normal spaces such as their Apartments, a Medical Clinic and an Auto Parts Yard. We built permanent sets for them, including two very large backings, shot in Washington DC and utilized throughout the show. A third group of mutants, called the Morlocks, wanted to stay hidden from society. They lived underground in tunnels and sewers, so we constructed a vast modular system of tunnels as well as a large subterranean cavern filled with modular housing. All in all, our permanent sets occupied about 100,000 square feet of stage space.